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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  August 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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and showers are moving northeast. a classic monsoon wind pattern that is bringing us rain. flash flood watch in the high country and the rain will move in the denver area and there is the potential for flash flooding. danielle, the temperatures, it feels like fall. >> it does. nice and refreshing with highs in the 70s today with all of those clouds sitting over much of downtown denver. we are anticipating another round of rain so if you ve going out and about definitely the umbrella and a jacket. rain showers from the southwest and flash flood warning for parts of colorado and the four corners. rain showers heaviest in the san juans and the front range mountains. moving in towards the rockies and a couple of light showers
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by 9:00 or 10:00 downtown denver and they continue. we may be left with a few spots and foggy skies. we are sitting at 74 in denver and soak it in while you can because we will be watching a bit of a warmup coming this week as well as stormier weather. i will let you know saturday or sunday that will be wetter and summertime. yes, the summertime will be back. >> we figured that. >> thanks, danielle. >> you bet. >> the centennial man accused of killing his as shooting his wife and her friend was saying "crazy stuff" before the rampage. the shooter's wife says she wanted him to get checked out at a hospital but instead he started to shoot. >> reporter: kevin lion's wife wanted him to get help. according to testimony
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crazy stuff and acting weird days leading up to the shooting. in april he killed his neighbor dr. atkinson that came out of the home to help one of the women that lions shot. he shot his wife and friend. both survived. friday's testimony shed more light on what happened. cameras weren't allowed inside the courtroom but those listened to the phone calls and the body cam video of one of the officers running with his gun. elizabeth lions did not know her husband had a gun. she told an investigator honest to god i had no idea. according to court testimony while lions killed one person and hurt two others. he fired at even more people including shooting right at a sheriff's deputy that came to help. lions ended up surrendering after firing 60 or more rounds.
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for september. a man is dead apparently jumped out of a moving suv and then clipped several power poles and knocked out electricity in lakewood. his sister-in-law says he jumped out during a fight. officers found the man lying on garrison street near 10th avenue just before midnight. power poles and traffic signals knocked down or damaged. police later found a damaged suv and a woman that says she was the man's sister-in-law. she says she was the one that hi lights trying to control the vehicle. at this point, police say they do not know who was driving when the man jumped out and waiting for test results to see if alcohol or drugs was a factor. >> apple says it is going to pay hackers hundreds of thousands of dollars to find flaws in its products. more tech companies have been offering so-called bug bounties for years. apple held out until yesterday
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a hacker. >> this is my hacker's desk. >> stopped by the hacker's den. >> this is my hat. >> and it is colorful clear. >> let me see what i find. >> tyler tobin likes the toys. >> they are developed by us. we build these. >> tyler is a professional hacker and finds chinks in the armor and clients willing to pay. >> banks and financial institutions and insurance companies and law firms and cpa bug bounties. >> let me do this. >> most tech companies offer them and as of yesterday apple does too. 9 news cyber security expert john sillyo says it is about time. >> this is kind of a turn for apple to go out and say okay we are just like all of the other tech companies. we have to do this in order to keep our system safe. >> apple is opening the door to let a limited number of researchers search for bugs in its products. >> they are inviting people
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that are ethical. >> hackers could make 200 grand. >> we replace these every 9 months to two years. >> as much as tyler tobin spent on his toys. >> the bounties are not where they should be. some of the 3rd party vendors will pay more money for the same information. >> hackers are working on apple. >> but somebody will find and >> from hacker's densnel brennan, 9 news. and it is a 200,000 bucks seem like a big bounty but he says the government pays more. earlier the f.b.i. paid more than a million dollars for a hack in the iphone. it belonged to the terrorist gunman in san bernardino. home prices have dropped slightly but still up. the denver metro association of
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a seasonal shift. the average price that people paid for a price was $412,000. that's up 12% year over year. realtors say that sellers are still doing pretty well. the primary difference is buyers have more from which to choose. >> the good news for buyers as we are starting to bring on new inventory it will provide opportunities where we are not seeing a this summer. >> when it comes to apartments in metro denver it is the opposite. last month the apartment association of metro denver says the average cost of rent had hit $1300 a month and there were fewer apartments available. >> strict national rules for kids and tobacco take effect and soon. beginning monday the food and drug administration authority over tobacco products is going
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hooka and cigars and e cigarettes. prohibit to kids un18 and they will have to comply with laws. >> the fda will notify people that violate the law that they will be violated and with a second violation they are liable for fines. >> the fda says it is particularly concerned about kids using e have gotten more popular. >> so you watched the olympics. and sometimes it is hard not to cry, right? >> it can be hard. >> the olympics can be emotional for the athletes. >> also i head. a small team of athletes in rio making history by showing up. >> a few hours before it, team
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athletes dawn on them. the games in rio have begun and there is a team of refugees that will our 9 news olympic team join us from rio. most athletes compete but this team is different. >> ten athletes making history in the opening ceremony tonight. ten athletes hoping to give a voice to millions of refugees around the world and raise awareness for the worse refugee crisis since world war ii. it will be amazing to see the opening ceremony as it is built on tolerance.
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integral part of it. there is a runner who is a refugee as a child. meb keflezighi runs marathons and as a little boy his family fled east africa and came for opportunity to the united states. >> and i came here in 1987 without anything other than the clothes on our back and we had our pants with us. the status there is not the best but we then have opportunity here and that's what we got to be a positive contributor to our society. >> reporter: he is amazing athlete. we will talk about the refugee team coming up at 6:00 next. ten athletes walking with the refugee team and more than five hundred with team usa and they have spent years training and fighting through the losses and celebrating those victories and tonight the men and women
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blue will celebrate the biggest dreams coming true. >> one of the most watched sporting events ever. >> the whole buzz about the olympic games. >> to be able to say to put on that cap with the flag ... >> representing wear the red, white and blue. >> it's not just about winning medals. >> each honor is the big thing. >> it is a huge honor to represent the united states. >> my dream is to be an olympian. >> i dream about going to the olympics. >> i think about that little 6 year-old girl that had a dream
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>> i'm living my dream. >> the culmination of life's work. >> finally trying to reach that mountain top is so exciting. >> i just could not be more excited to go back. >> when people are watching on tv and they see the tears and the emotions it is because 90% of the time it didn't work out. and now you are seeing that it finally all came together. >> and that's special. >> can't wait for the opening ceremony. >> it is such a great excitement that surrounds the game. we had such a lot of bad news surrounding the olympics leading up to it in the past couple of weeks but now the competition and excitement and now we see what the athletes do and being here is enough for them. >> and it starts a lot of the competitions tomorrow with a number of colorado athletes from cycling to rugby to
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adele it will be a fantastic ceremony tonight and a great weekend ahead. >> it is. so much anticipation and you don't realize how many sacrifice these athletes have gone through to get there. >> and they will be the first to tell you they have sacrificed and so have their families and all of their loved ones that had to do so much to support them through that journey. >> can't wait for it. all of the stars. thanks, guys, we will talk to you soon. >> watchin get a little emotional and seeing an athlete receiving a medal and the national anthem playing on stage and a lot of times they are in tears with their families and coaches. it can have an impact on viewers. the olympics can actually be good for you even if you are on your couch in another hemisphere. >> the olympics capture the imaginations of everybody and there's a strong positive
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people achieving at the highest possible level in sports it is incredibly motivating. >> dr. max says it is positive because they tend to not be a lot of bad stories out of the olympics. even the people that come in last typically overcome a bit just to make it to the games. >> nbc's coverage of the games begins at 6:30 on 9 news. you may have noticed on social media platforms they already have gotten under way but this will be on a two hour delay in our mountain time zone. keep in mind during olympics both our nine and ten p.m. newscast on channel 20 and we will be on at 11:00 each night on channel 9 because olympic coverage is going to go until then. we will be here. >> you get bonus time with us. got to love it. >> a 2fer. >> we will take it. >> monsoon moisture back and
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next in danielle's forecast. it seems the summer heat is gone and the cool cloudy skies are in store for the past couple of days. it looks like that will be the trend for the start of the weekend. we will watch for the rain tonight and tomorrow. i will show you the view in the high country. they are looking at the clouds. a little bit of fog in breckenridge and looking at downtown denver.
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studio and that cloud deck is sitting over the city. about 73 degrees down here and much cooler in the mountains at 55 in estes park and 53 in silverthorne and low 70s in steamboat springs and in fort more gone and sterling. out of the airport mostly cloudy skies and the winds picking up out of the east at 11 miles per hour and here in the 9 backyard everything quiet but things will be changing. our temperatures right there at 74 and we as we are watching some of the moisture cooling off. watching the showers deteriorating just a bit around the san juans. a couple of spots with aerial flood advisories because they had slow moving thunderstorms and dropping two or three inches within a couple of hours of time. now the rain starting to move closer to our backyard. heavy pockets of rain and
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i am anticipating this rain to be moving in within the next several hours. not looking at any flash flood washes for the city and out to the west, the central and southern mountains and parts of teller and el paso watching for the slow moving thunderstorms and tonight and tomorrow. we can see the flash flood watch extended because it looks like round two is rolling in. tonight down to 57 and watching the showers pushing in within the next couple of hours. place it will hold temperatures in the low 50s in the mountains. so so far for the month of august we are five days in, we had a trace and we should see a third of an inch of water. showers increasing for the afternoon and evening. threat is around 11:00 and strong storms across southeast colorado. they wind down by tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m. a couple of breaks in the cloud deck. that should be nice and look
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bring in the umbrellas because the thunderstorms will mean business. warmer tomorrow and more instability and the thunderstorms could potentially drop more water than tonight. by 10:00 everything is pushing out to nebraska and kansas. this is going to be the bull's- eye for trouble. across southeast colorado. and many locations across the front range and out there in the high country, easily looking at two or three inches of water through the weekend. tomorrow 79, partly cloudy skies with some of upper 70s in the metro. northern colorado with the 60s and low 70s out to the west. so it certainly will feel a little bit warmer than today but we will be stuck with the clouds and stuck with the storms tomorrow. things turn more isolated by sunday and we will crank things up to the 90s and that summer
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we right after this. wall street like report that came out. the labor department showed numbers higher than expected. stocks had the best day in a
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from colorado's sports leader, here is drew soicher. >> the most significant milestone in coors field history is likely to be reached this weekend. maybe even tonight. miami marlin outfielder itcherro suzuki is in town. he is two base hits short of 3,000 for his magnificent major league baseball career. he has been stuck on 2988 for more than a week. marlins are here for three
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we will get a view of that historic moment. 29 members of the 3000 hit club including former astro star craig v igero. next week in chicago on channel 20. looks like paxton lynch will which rookie do you think will have the biggest impact. >> paxton lynch. >> really? >> the 6th rounder is a full back and he will play a lot. the 7th rounder may wind up being a punter. you got davon tray booker and justin simmons. but a paxton lynch starts after the buy. starts the final three games.
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a quarterback has the most impact. even if it is three or four games the quarterback trumps all. >> training camps crowd small and your theory was no peytoning manning but they had more fans today. >> some of the theories because the high schools are starting early. some of the districts are starting early. a lot of people were on vacation during that first week and another theory that danielle's forecast, it was days when they set record temperatures, i think that maybe the media shamed the broncos fans that the crowds were so light by pointing it out. a lot of people thought no one is going. the next thing you know they have record crowds. they had a record crowd of more than 5500 people. >> that's the way it should be for the defending super bowl champs. rocky mountain show down is
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buffaloes and rams. cu had ten losing seasons in a row now. and head coach mike mcintyre think the buffs are ready to break the nasty streak. >> and that's how you develop a program from the ashes. you get people to stay here and believe and compete and keep going and hopefully they will rise out of the ash this year. >> the local nascar team doubled its chances of winning. furniture row adding 20-year- old eric jones as a driver for the second team car. he will join martin truex, jr. for the nascar series. eric is fantastic at driving side ways and furniture row will rely on him going straight. >> that's called drifting. >> that's not easy to do. >> no. it is good car control. >> we have furniture row number 78 car here that we keep on the desk and we will have to get a new one. >> the number 77 car sponsored by 5 hour energy. haven't seen the pay scheme yet
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races for the 2017 season. this kid is pretty talented 20 years old. >> not supposed to drive that fast when your that age. >> at least he has his license.. >> i think we are out of time. listen to that.
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tonight, live from rio. let the games begin. a star studded opening high drama and wild excitement as team usa and a man killed by police, suspected of steing a car. fatally shot in the back by an officer. sudden change, as his poll numbers plunge, donald trump does an apparent turn about on an apparently false statement. and a cold-blooded sniper sending a new city deep into fear. a new shooting, new alarm and tonight a dramatic plea for help. and here in rio, a big mystery, who will